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Rosie was found wandering the street in Manatee County and brought to the Manatee County Animal Shelter.  Although potential adopters often asked what was wrong with Rosie's eye, no one showed interest in adopting.  When Ms. Sue of the Animal Network/No Kill Manatee County learned the cherry eye was limiting Rosie's chance of adoption, she approved the cosmetic procedure to correct the problem.  Dr. Berglund performed the surgery, and Rosie was adopted in less than a week.

ACO Steve Bell found Axel bleeding from the head.  A "person" repeatedly struck Axel in the head with a hachet and dumped him on the street to die. Officer Bell called Ms. Sue to ask if money was available to save Axel's life.  Treatment was approved, and additional funds were raised to pay for Axel's surgery and extended care.  When Axel recovered from surgery, he then needed treatment for heartworm.  Today, applications are being reviewed for Axel's adoption, and a forever family will be chosen soon. 

Please donate to help cover the cost of veterinary bills for pets in the Manatee County Animal Shelter. Some pets are sick or injured when they arrive at the shelter. This fund allows the pet to receive medical care rather than be euthanized.